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One piece of lacquerware is made with the coordination of many artisans including a tapper, a woodworker, and a lacquerer. Lacquerware made by applying many layers of lacquer becomes glossier with use over time while the affection in which the user holds it also grows. This is something you’d want to pass on to your children.
Shops carrying lacquerware
  • Appi-nuri Lacquerware Kobo
    Both the wood and lacquer used in making lacquerware are native to the Ashiro area of Hachimantai, and thus have been a hub of production since long ago. They are strong and simply designed, the sort of items you want to pass on to your children. This workshop also helps with aftercare.

    230 Kamasuda, Hachimantai, Iwate
    TEL: 0195-63-1065
    FAX: 0195-63-1066
  • Urumi Kogei
    [Joboji-nuri Lacquerware]
    Urumi Kogei is a workshop that has been making Joboji Nuri as a family business for generations, and the current artisan, Yoshiharu Katsumata is certified as a traditional lacquer artisan of the highest order. In 2016, he won a national award for excellence in artistry. He is engaged in making new products while carefully maintaining the color and feel of this unique workshop.

    2-9-23 Chuodori, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-654-4620
    FAX: 019-654-4615
  • Old Time Lacquer Kobo
    This workshop manufactures and sells lacquerware including chopsticks, bowls, and pots made by wipe-lacquering that utilizes the natural grain of the wood. No pigments made with heavy metals are used. Only natural pigments are used. Items made here are for everyday use and were made with consideration for health and the environment.

    TEL: 019-692-5928
  • Tohoku Kogeisha
    This workshop strives to make lacquerware that is good for the environment and good for people. No synthetic paints are used, only lacquer is applied. The spoons are very popular. The part of the spoon that touches your mouth is thinner, so it makes it easy to scoop up food and put it in your mouth.

    1368-32 Yanagisawa, Takizawa, Iwate
    TEL: 019-688-2968
    FAX: 019-688-2968
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