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Nambu Cast
Nambu Cast Ironware has been passed along since the Edo Period, and is painstakingly made by pot casting artisans possessing excellent techniques. From traditional tea pots and iron kettles to frying pans, pots, and more, there are various items to make use of in your daily life. You’ll want them to be used over generations.
List of shops carrying Nambu Cast Ironware
  • Iwacyu


    [Nambu Cast Ironware]
    Protecting 400 years of tradition, continuing even now to make Nambu Cast Ironware with the same traditional techniques. They are distinguished by the detailed casting surface and beautiful designs made by the superb techniques of pot casting artisans. They make everything from traditional boiling kettles to iron kettles, frying pans, saucepans, rice cooking pots, and more.

    2-23-9 Minamisenboku, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-635-2501
    FAX: 019-635-5248
  • Kamasada
    [Nambu Cast Ironware]
    An iron casting workshop founded in the Meiji period. The third generation master, Nobuho Miya, while continuing the traditional techniques, brings in a modern sensibility, producing cast ironware tools for daily life. They are distinguished by their simple, elegant design. He also does order made items and repairs.

    2-5 Konya-cho, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-622-3911
    FAX: 019-622-3912
  • Kunzan Kobo
    [Nambu Cast Ironware]
    Making items that match modern lifestyles while protecting traditional Nambu Cast Ironware techniques. There are abundant items with practical use including iron kettles that impart delicious flavor to the water, wind chimes that sound with a cool timbre, and pots that make cooking even more enjoyable. There are also very well-designed iron kettles.

    Inside Morioka Handi-Works Square 64-102 Oirino, Tsunagi, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-689-2657
    FAX: 019-689-2086
  • Kozan Kobo
    [Nambu Cast Ironware]
    An ironware workshop inside of Morioka Handi-Works Square. Even now they preserve the old techniques of production, carefully making each item by hand individually. Iron kettles that are said to mellow the water and make tea taste even better are popular.

    Inside Morioka Handi-Works Square 64-102 Oirino, Tsunagi, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-689-2565
    FAX: 019-689-2565
  • Suzuki Shuzendo
    [Nambu Cast Ironware]
    The first generation artisan, Suzuki Chubei, was tasked with making a large bell in Morioka in 1616. In the 400 years since then, artisans here have continued to make iron kettles, tea kettles, and other Nambu Cast Ironware products.

    1-1-25 Minamiodori, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-652-2233
    FAX: 019-652-2234
  • Suzuki Morihisa Kobo
    [Nambu Cast Ironware]
    An old Nambu Cast Ironware workshop founded in 1625. They were originally under the employ of the Nambu Clan. The current 15th generation Morihisa artisan is attracting attention as the first female tea kettle artisan. Her works, while being made of iron, give a soft impression.

    1-6-7 Minamiodori, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-622-3809
    FAX: 019-656-1151
  • Nambu Tekki Cooperative Association
    [Nambu Cast Ironware]
    Nambu Cast Ironware began when a tea kettle maker was invited from Kyoto by the Nambu Clan leader in the mid-17th century. While continuing to make the traditional items crafted back then such as cast iron kettles, they also make kitchen goods, interior decoration items, and other modern products.

    Inside Morioka Handi-Works Square 64-102 Oirino, Tsunagi, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-689-2336
    FAX: 019-689-2337
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