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Folk Toys
Folk Toys
These craft toys are made with prayers for children’s growth and a bountiful harvest. You can really feel how close people felt to nature during the old days. These toys are ideal as gifts either for luck or as traditional crafts.
Shops carrying folk toys.
  • Kobo Yume Mayuka
    [Cocoon Work]
    This workshop does cocoon crafts. Through dyeing the white cocoons, cutting them, heading them to change their shape, and putting different ones together, craft items like animals and flowers are made. They also make specialty items associated with Morioka like Chagu Chagu Umako, the rock-splitting cherry tree, and Sansa Odori.

    1-24 Shinmei-cho, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-623-6509
    FAX: 019-623-6509
  • Goyosha
    [Kokeshi, Chagu Chagu Umako (horse doll)]
    Founded in 1937. Anpo Kokeshi, Kinakinabo, Chagu Chagu Umako, and other folk toys are made here. Folk toys are crafted here with special attention to keeping their distinctive Morioka charm. There is also a hand-on class where visitors can engage in activities like putting decorations on Chagu Chagu Umako and painting kokeshi.

    9-24 Kitayugaose-cho, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-646-9439
    FAX: 019-646-9439
  • Murata Folk Craft Kobo
    [Cocoon Work]
    This workshop has been making folk toys since its founding in 1968. They make folk toys from cocoons, with pieces made using seasonal themes such as the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac and cocoon doll sets, as well as festival-themed items like Onikenbai and Sansa Odori.

    5-6-6 Mitsuwari, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-661-2229
    FAX: 019-661-2229
  • Morioka Dogeikai
    [Kokeshi, Ring Toss Toys]
    Morioka is full of simple, warm folk toys. Kokeshi and ring toss games that embody the kindness that toys possess as well as various other folk toys are made and sold here.

    9-24 Kitayugaose-cho, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-646-9439
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