Morioka Craft Products

There is homespun that passed to Iwate from England, sakiori that uses old cloth to weave into new forms, and kikko-ori, a traditional weaving technique that has continued since the Edo Period. You can feel the sincerity of the people from this northern land in the careful handiwork that starts with spinning the threads.
Shops carrying textiles
  • Sakkora Japan
    Sakiori originated in the mid-Edo Period. Back then, cotton and fabric were very important, so old pieces of fabric were unraveled into threads to be woven again. The colors of each piece were unique, so the owners get really attached to them the more then use them. They are ideal for little gifts like coasters and accessory cases.

    19-41 Abetate-cho, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-681-9166
    FAX: 019-681-9165
  • Shizukuishi Asa no Kai
    This is a traditional craft product from Shizukuishi made using the same hand techniques from long ago from cultivating the hemp to the weaving. It is woven so that it will result in a hexagonal pattern with the warp and woof threads. During the Edo Period it was used as a gift from the Nambu Clan.

    In the Agricultural Training Center 155 Takamaeda, Shizukuishi, Iwate-gun, Iwate
    TEL: 019-692-0122
    FAX: 019-691-1123
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