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It’s a lot of fun to look around at various sundries. That’s because you can use them in new ways. For example, you could use a tofu basket for fruit, or use a mini tatami mat meant as a vase mat as a mouse pad. Use these pleasant sundries to enrich your life.
Shops carrying sundries
  • Atorie Takumi
    [Wooden Horses, LED Stands]
    The wood products made by Atorie Takumi are made from hardwood trees like zelkova and chesnut trees and finished with lacquer paint. They are durable with a simple design. Wood horses, rocking chairs, and wooden horses for adults are all popular.

    137-2 Nakataira, Shimoda, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-683-1153
    FAX: 019-683-1153
  • Glass Kobo grassK
    [Blown Glass]
    These items don’t have any gaudy ornamentation, many items preserve the original transparent quality of the glass. There are a wide variety of products including glass vases, platters, and wind chimes.

    3-19 Ozasou, Kamiyonai, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-661-6734
    FAX: 019-661-6734
  • Campanella
    [Fly Rods]
    This factory specializes in handmade fly rods from carbon sheets to rods.

    12-1 Sotogazawa, Sahinai, Shiwa-cho, Shiwa, Iwate
    TEL: 019-674-2688
    FAX: 019-674-2688
  • Keyaki Gakuen
    [Towels, Magic Cloth]
    We make silkscreen printed towels, t-shirts, and more. We can also add in hand-drawn illustrations and writing, for great souvenirs and presents.

    44-1 Sakaida, Hirasawa, Shiwa-cho, Shiwa, Iwate
    TEL: 019-672-1266
    FAX: 019-672-1267
  • Shizukuishi Mingeisha
    [Walnut Tree Bark Bags]
    Making Shizukuishi Anekko dolls, and old-style straw crafts including baskets made of tree bark and vines.

    Inside Morioka Handi-Works Square 64-102 Oirino, Tsunagi, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-689-2279
    FAX: 019-689-2279
  • Shibata Kogei
    [Strainers, Baskets]
    Made using special Nambu Suzutake from the Ninohe area. Suzutake is sturdy and flexible, making it ideal for strainers and baskets. There are various items including accessory cases as well as strong baskets that can be used for carrying fruits.

    Inside Morioka Handi-Works Square 64-102 Oirino, Tsunagi, Morioka, Iwate
    TEL: 019-689-2736
    FAX: 019-689-2736
  • Furukawa Kyogi
    [Thinly Shaved Wood]
    Thinly shaved wood is essential for wrapping onigiri, sashimi, and other food products. The antibacterial properties also have made it quite popular for outdoor use. This shop also handles thicker shaved wood can be used in handicrafts, wooden round chopsticks, Shizukuishi wooden ladles, and wooden spatulas.

    14-4 Kobiyachi, Shizukuishi, Iwate-gun, Iwate
    TEL: 019-692-0261
  • Roadside Station Ishigaminooka
    [Haki Haki Bijin Broom]
    Broom-making in the Hosozawa area started during the latter part of the Showa Period. Grass for the brooms is planted in the spring, harvested in the fall, and the brooms are made in the winter. The curled tips of the brooms make it easier for them to pick up garbage and are quite well regarded. There are small 22 cm brooms for use desks as well as 90 cm long ones for use on the floor.

    10-121-20 Itsukaichi, Iwate-machi, Iwate-gun, Iwate
    TEL: 0195-61-1600
    FAX: 0195-61-1601
  • Looplus
    [Disaster Prevention Goods for Women]
    The “Komachi” women’s disaster preparation set is full of all kinds of items women need in case of a disaster. This shop makes cloth sanitary napkins, so it is able to include cute panty liners. Add this to your normal disaster preparation set and you’ll feel secure if something happens.

    31-1 Botanno, Kitahizume, Shiwa-cho, Shiwa, Iwate
    TEL: 019-681-2187
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