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Morioka Handi-Works Square Workshop Information
  • Handi-Works Square Kashi Kobo (Japanese Sweets)

    We make famous traditional Japanese sweets from Morioka including “Ochamochi,” “Mameginto,” and “Kirisensho.”

  • Kindaichiseika (Cheap Snacks)

    We make traditional snacks from Morioka including “okoshi,” “tankiri,” and “miso bread” individually using traditional hand techniques.

  • Nambu Sembei (wheat crackers)

    In addition to the traditional Nambu sembei new cookie-style sembei are also very popular. Enjoy making them yourself in the hand-roasting class.

  • Pyon Pyon Sha Reimen Kobo (Reimen Noodles)

    Try making Morioka Reimen noodles, one of the three major noodles of Morioka, from the dough to serving it, and enjoy tasting as well.

  • Nakasen Kagu Seisakusho (Chest of drawers)

    A workshop that makes nationally designated traditional craft products, the Iwayado Tansu. (Registered as a traditional craftsman)

  • Someya Takiura (Dyed Textiles)

    This workshop does all natural traditional dyeing using the old fermentation technique of akumizu. (There is a hands-on class with a nationally recognized skilled craftsman registered as a young Iwate prefectural excellent craftsman.)

  • Hokuto-Gama (Ceramics)

    Using the kohiki technique as a base, this workshop employs techniques including inlays and scraping to make ceramics that give users a sense of newness and modernism. (There is a hands-on class with a skilled craftsman registered as an Iwate prefectural excellent craftsman.)

  • Kunzan Kobo (Nambu Cast Ironware)

    Nambu Cast Ironware is nationally designated as a traditional craft product. Each piece is painstakingly handmade. (Registered as a traditional craftsman)

  • Kozan Kobo (Nambu Cast Ironware)

    Making individual Nambu Cast Ironware pieces by hand, which are glistered as national traditional craft products. (Registered as a traditional craftsman)

  • Tanaka Tsuru Kobo (Iron Kettle Handles)

    Nambu iron kettles are completed when the handles are made and attached. This is the only workshop that makes these important handles in Morioka. (Registered as a traditional craftsman)

  • Michinoku Kobo (Folk Toys)

    Founded in 1961. This workshop makes cute folk toys including "Chagu Chagu Umako" and "Kinbeko." (There is a hands-on class.)

  • Shizukuishi Mingeisha (Sundries)

    Straw work including "Shinobi-Koma" and "Crane, Turtle." We make baskets and more out of materials like walnut tree bark and grape vines. This workshop continues to share farming village culture. (There is a hands-on class taught by a registered Iwate prefectural excellent craftsman.)

  • Shibata Kogei (Sundries)

    The materials used are Nambu suzutake that grow in the northern part of Iwate. Using this material that takes a lot of time and effort, handmade products made of suzutake are very durable. This workshop weaves together products striving to make them very easy to use.

  • Maru-kun. Kobo (Natural Stone Accessories)

    You can make a unique bracelet or strap all your own by combining different natural stones.

  • Fujieda Kobo (Nambu Cast Ironware)

    This workshop is manufacturing and selling Nambu Cast Ironware, which is nationally designated as a traditional craft product.

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